Migration an Economic Necessity for Rural Mexican Families

In Chiapas, the rural southwest state in Mexico, issues surrounding migration are a little different than what we hear about on the news. Communities aren’t controlled by gangs. You don’t witness acts of violence on the streets, and you cannot assume that pretty much everyone could have a potential asylum case. These largely indigenous communities […]

Ensuring Education, Literacy for Everyone

“Could you please fill this out for me? I don’t have my glasses.” Early in my work with Spanish-speaking immigrants, I would request a basic form or information in Spanish to allow the person the dignity of filling it out on his or her own. The person often looked like a deer in the headlights […]

Celebrating Latinas as Leaders Achievements through LUCHA's Bilingual Girl Scout Troop

This month, February 2019, Girl Scout Troop 5020, sponsored by LUCHA Ministries, Inc., celebrated its 5-year anniversary.  It’s been 4 years of intense learning experiences as well as service to the community.  Troop 5020 is a bicultural multi-age troop that formed when some of the women participating in LUCHA Ministries’ Project Adelante shared their frustrations with their […]

Ripping Families Apart: How Did Our Nation Get Here?

by Sue Smith I traveled internationally with my sons on two separate occasions several years ago. I was “estadounidense” (“American”) and gave little to no thought to whether I was able to travel alone with the kids. We were U.S. citizens, which is to say, we were somewhat oblivious to the rules, regulations and visa […]

Honoring the Parents Reflecting on Hispanic Heritage

  Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. An estimated 17% of the population of the US can be identified as Hispanic. Second only to […]

What’s Happening on Summer Break Bridges of Hope provides summer activities

Each summer, parents want to keep their kids engaged and occupied.  And for working families with limited income, this can be particularly challenging.  Healthy meals, safety in the neighborhood, monitoring television viewing, time spent playing video games — all of these issues are important concerns. While some families schedule camps and activities and family vacations […]

What Will Happen to US? Halfway between September and March, DACA recipients wonder what their future holds

“If DACA ends, life as I know it will end, too. I won’t be able to drive anymore because I’ll lose my license. And I won’t be able to work, or go to school . . . . I don’t know what I’ll do!” This statement exemplifies the feelings of DREAMers everywhere, who anxiously await the […]

The Devastation of Deportation A Mom Leaves the US fearing Separation from her Children

Mirna  was 5 years old and Emilio was 7.  Mirna was a kindergarten student, Emilio was in first grade when I met these children. Their parents are from Honduras.  As an ESOL teacher, I became involved with this family because both kids were struggling in school. They were missing many school days, and both had […]

Actions Have Consequences The Decision to Leave a Child Behind

“How do you feel when your parents migrate to the US . . . and leave you behind?”  This wasn’t an easy question for students to answer in El Salvador. We were visiting an inner-city high school, Instituto Isaac Newton, located in the heart of San Salvador.  The seven of us, all Baptists, were seeking […]

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